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“The Urology Summary Notes were invaluable to me and likewise to several of my colleagues who were studying for the recertification examination. The outlines are clear, concise, and comprehensive … just what a busy clinician needs to maximize their review time. My hat is off to Dr. Zorn and Blumenfeld for creating the truly valuable resource!”

Ralph V. Clayman, M.D.
Professor of Urology
Dean (interim) School of Medicine
Univ. of California – Irvine

“Imagine if all the painstaking work of summarizing urology texts was suddenly done . . . and done well. This is the beauty of the Rapid Review notes. They're complete, concise, and an essential element for in-service review.”

Michael Large
PGY-4 University of Chicago

“The Rapid Review Urology Notes are well written, concise and informative. They were extremely useful to me as an adjunct study aid in my preparation for urology exams. I recommend its use for any urology resident studying for exams or a practicing urologist wanting a quick but thorough review.”

Jaime Wong
New York

“After reading our Urology textbooks, the Rapid Review Urology notes by Drs. Blumenfeld and Zorn were an invaluable companion in study preparation for my final exams (Royal College/American Boards). The reorganization of concise important facts and format of the material presented were more helpful than any other urology text that I have seen. As I became more familiar with the material, it was these summary notes that I more so relied upon to master our specialty.”

Nicholas Power
Chief Resident in Urology
Dalhousie University

“Dr. Zorn and Blumendfeld's Rapid Review Urology notes combine key points from major textbooks, landmark papers and clinical guidelines in a succinct, user-friendly format. I have used them through all levels of training. They are great for the day-to-day practice of urology, preparation for teaching sessions and presentations, and have been invaluable for the boards. I highly recommend them.”

Tom Deklaj
Urology Fellow
University of Chicago